The Farm To Table Report

Read up on the Farm to Table Research including the input received from Virginia Food Security Summit participants in Charlottesville on December 5 & 6, 2011.  The following report is an assessment that helped the Virginia Food System Council identify the gaps in the state of Virginia’s Local Food System. through a series of input sessions the greater Virginia Food System Community is using this plan to identify next steps to enhancing Virginia’s food system. See pages 28-37 for full description of the Farm to Table Recommendations.

VA_Farm to Table Plan

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The Virginia Food System Council has identified four actions based on the Farm to Table Report:

1.) Launching the  $10 a Week Campaign to encourage Virginians to grow Virginia economy by exploring ways to increase our local food purchase by $10.

2.) Create an expanded resource website to highlight all aspects of the Virginian Food System in order to educate consumers, policy makers, distributors, packers, farmers, teachers, etc.  If you have any suggestions or would like to help us please fill out our contact form.

3.) Developing a more comprehensive list of food aggregation organizations and businesses in Virginia.

4.) Research and Develop a Legal Guide to Farming in Virginia.

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