EBT/SNAP for Vendors

Are you a Farmer or Market Manager?

Funding may be available to purchase Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) machines for farmers and farmers’ markets:

Farmers Market Coalition
USDA SNAP/EBT machine resources

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is providing this funding in hopes to increase the intake of healthy foods for SNAP participants while supporting the nation’s farmers and local economies.

The step-by-step process to get your machine: 

Review the SNAP/EBT at your Farmers Market: 7 Steps to Success  by PPS & Wholesome Wave Foundation to educate yourself about the work involved in setting up and facilitating a SNAP/ EBT Machine and its associated program.

Things to consider before setting up SNAP/EBT at your Market:

  • Third Party Vendor Costs: While accepting both EBT and Debit/Credit cards may boost sales for your market vendors, there is a third part vendor cost that needs to be accounted for. There are some helpful guidance on these costs from the USDA and the Farmers Market Coalition.
  • Keeping  the books: As a provider you must make the time and effort to keep the books.  Check out page 49 of SNAP/EBT at your Farmers Market: 7 Steps to Success or read about Oregon’s strategy.
  • Funding your program: In addition to creating a relationship with your local Virginia Department of Health office, ask your city council and solicit funders, individual donors and faith based groups in your community for monetary support. Many markets have adopted other creative solutions and you are encouraged to make contact with these markets.
  • Attracting  SNAP/EBT users to your market/farm: Many managers create incentive programs such as a double match for each token spent on fresh produce. Again speak to other market managers that have implemented SNAP at their market.

Submit your application to become an EBT Retailer. Complete the application online.

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