Why VFSC is Important


Virginia’s overall food system directly impacts critical health issues, the survival and viability of farms and farmland, the economic development of rural and urban communities, and the care and restoration of ecological resources.

VFSC focuses on “community” food systems in order to build our statewide economy.

VFSC addresses the barriers to viable community food systems by facilitating more successful linkages between food producers and consumers, especially institutional/larger markets like schools, universities, hospitals, and correctional facilities.

VFSC works to enhance farm profitability and viability through protecting natural resources, sustaining vital agricultural communities, and preserving arable farmland.

VFSC works to increase access to affordable healthy, locally grown foods for Virginians of lower income levels by promoting the use of SNAP/EBT cards and WIC vouchers at farmers markets, community gardens, community-supported agriculture (CSA’s), and retail markets.

VFSC educates Virginians of all income levels about the social, economic, environmental benefits and nutritional qualities of locally grown food.

VFSC works to facilitate farm-to-table programs that positively impact college and university students, as well as the lifelong eating behaviors of children to reduce both obesity and the risk of diabetes. This is done through school gardens, nutritional education, and agricultural initiatives.

VFSC is helping to reduce Virginia’s carbon food-print by minimizing distance traveled by our food from producer to consumer.

VFSC is working to educate policy makers on the importance of developing coherent policies and infrastructure to ensure a broad-based, diverse, competitive food system that serves the needs of farmers of all scales and the civic interests of rural and urban communities.

VFSC is working to eliminate barriers that hinder or prevent local food purchasing by institutions.

VFSC is working to protect the security and safety of food for all Virginians.