About Us

chicken and egg
Photo: Bridget Bryant.

The Virginia Food System Council is a Board of 24 volunteer Directors, representing all aspects of our food system from local producers and consumers, social justice and environmental non-profit organizations, to dietitians and statewide organizations. We formally began working to strengthen Virginia’s local and regional food systems in late 2007.


We help ensure that all Virginians have access to healthy, affordable food grown right here in Virginia by:

  • Educating and communicating to the public, the food system stakeholders, and to key decision makers, a sustainable food system’s impact on health, economic development, natural resources, and social well-being.
  • Examining how food is produced, distributed, and consumed throughout Virginia’s localities and regions, in order to expedite connections and identify barriers to improvement.
  • Making policy recommendations and implementing networking strategies to improve the availability and accessibility of safe, nutrient-rich foods to Virginians in all areas.

Learn more about how our council developed on our history page.