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Eating local and seasonal foods reduces your carbon food-print.

It takes a lot more fuel to get tomatoes or peaches from California or Mexico compared to your local market.
Eating local food supports healthy farming practices because you can interview your local farmer about their sustainable growing practices before you make your purchase.
Eating local food boosts your local economy. If each household in Virginia purchase $10 a week on locally grown agricultural products, it could bring $1.65 billion into the Virginia Economy each year.
Eating local food can improve your health if you incorporate more local vegetables and fruit as well as local meat, dairy and fish products that are sustainably managed. Local produce is more nutrient-rich than Imported produce that has traveled for an extended time period. Also, you can choose to buy from farmers who do not use antibiotics, hormones or other toxic chemicals.

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If every household in Virginia spent just $10 a week on local Virginia-grown food, $1.65 billion would be kept in our state to support our farmers, fund our schools, and contribute to a healthy local food system.


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